Introducing… Google Analytics 4

Introducing... Google Analytics 4

It’s all change for Google’s analytics offering come July. Question is, are membership organisations ready? Read on – and join our May masterclass webinar – to start getting in shape.

20 years is a long time in technology, so news that Google will be retiring its long-standing Universal Analytics platform this summer – after nearly two decades – has left many rushing outside to see if the sky is still blue and trees still green.

Those who use their Google Analytics platform regularly, may have already noticed a shifting set of menus inside of their account – with a (much changed) Google Analytics 4 view now available, and we’ve been flooded with questions as to what the changes mean and how bodies can take advantage of the new tech.

After two years of testing an alternative, the existing Universal Analytics setup is to be switched off from July 1st, so organisations have only a small period to get themselves ready for the future with a few important tasks to carry out before the summer. But don’t fear – we’re here to help!

The change undoubtedly represents the most significant shift in Google’s approach to analytics since the free service was first introduced in 2005 – back when James Blunt topped the charts, Andy Murray made his Wimbledon debut and Crazy Frog was everyone’s favourite ringtone.

For membership organisations, data and analytics are known pain points with a significant drop being reported in analytics usage in Think’s 2022/23 Re:member research. As such, we’re hopeful that this session will excite all and act as reassurance that there’s many great new datapoints to look at.

This is undoubtedly a great time to reconsider how your audience is being tracked and the way in which you will look to benchmark improvement this year and beyond. It might also challenge a few assertions around what you think your audience is really doing online.

Think’s veritable crash course in getting ready for the changes will cover:

1. Why Google Analytics? The history of the service and why Google are moving away from Universal Analytics.

2. What you can do with the new software – quick wins and smart features.

3. Plugging in to other services – making the most of the Google suite.

4. What must you do between now and July?

5. I’m not with Google, will this affect me?

6. How GA4 can help organisations answer key questions about their membership

Our Head of Insight Cameron Sharpe will be leading the session on May 17th at 2pm – register below to reserve your slot.

Stay tuned for more content updates, and get in touch with us today to find out how we can help your business thrive.

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