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The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) is the professional body for environmental health professionals. CIEH members work around the world, improving lives and policing standards across all areas of environmental health, including food, public health, housing, health and safety, and environmental protection. 

Founded in 1883, CIEH has been instrumental in developing many of the environmental standards that have contributed to better public health and wellbeing globally.

Environmental Health News (EHN) and EHN Extra are the leading publications for the sector and cover all areas of environmental health, including food, health and safety, environmental protection, housing and public health. 

With 8 issues per year, EHN features the latest developments in the industry, member case studies and legal insight to support members in their day-to-day work, while championing best practice. The pandemic highlighted the key role of environmental health professionals, and EHN is imperative in continuing to shine a light on the important work they do and what we can learn for the future. 

EHN Extra newsletter delivers the latest news to inboxes twice a month, keeping members up to date with the latest developments in environmental health. While the pandemic has dominated the past two years, members have been impacted by supply chain and cost issues caused by Brexit; Natasha’s Law and food labelling; declining food standards due to a lack of resources and inspections; and COP26 and the future of our planet.

During the pandemic the editorial team worked tirelessly to keep members informed in their professional duties and supported in their personal lives. Publishing print features packed with government advice would have been pointless in a fast-changing environment, so we doubled the frequency of EHN Extra to answer this need. 

Open rates soared from 29.7% to 41.6%. Similarly, CTOR jumped from a respectable 25.4% at the start of March 2020 to a peak of 44% at the end of the month.

The team were acutely aware that the reporting they were doing could help protect against the spread of the virus and ultimately save lives. 

As a result, EHN was recognised for its efforts to the profession and named Membership Magazine of the Year at the 2021 Memcom Awards.

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