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The CITMA e-newsletter is delivered monthly to 1,600 members and subscribers during month, and contains the latest news from the Association and the profession. It typically has a 49% open rate, which is above the industry average.

Within this newsletter we offer firms the opportunity to include sponsored content promoting yourself as a thought leader in the Industry

All content would need to be approved for Topic and final article would need to be signed off

Cost: £750 per content piece

E-newsletters offer the following benefits:

Readership figures are guaranteed, accurate and transparent. The database is updated before every mail-out to ensure that they are received by an engaged and qualified list of recipients.
Unique open rates are on average over 30% – way above the industry average (with total open rates higher still, as content is share among members and friends).
Advertising is trackable and therefore offers quantifiable results and ROI.

Tony Hopkins

Senior Partnerships Manager

+44 (0)20 3771 7251

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