STEP Directory

In 2019, in response to membership demands, STEP relaunched its Directory as a new online search facility, a tool that aids business referrals across the globe. From Feb 2019 - Feb 2020, the Directory pages have seen 530,000 page views including 30,000 firm searches making it the most frequented section on the STEP website 43% of STEP members have now used the Directory to find advisors and firms to work with.

Members – search for a member

Branches – search for information about your local STEP branch

Jurisdiction – a tool that allows members to find out legal, tax, regulatory and practice information in a particular jurisdiction

Firm – enabling organisations to showcase their expertise in this sector and highlights STEP members within the firm

1 - Appear higher in Search results

2 - Drive leads to your site

3 - Appears under practice areas

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