Communicating with the private client industry has never been more complex. This is a hyper-mobile, international, information-saturated audience. Only the most targeted, channel-specific and tailored campaigns will cut through. 

Working exclusively with the STEP Journal – STEP’s  flagship publication, consistently rated as its most-valued member benefit – our content marketing studio can create a tailored content hub and promotional campaign for your jurisdiction.

Amplify content about your jurisdiction across multiple channels to 21,000 worldwide members of STEP

Introduce your jurisdiction to new clients

Deliver ongoing content about your jurisdiction throughout the year

Showcase your jurisdiction’s key spokespeople and experts to an influential global audience

Address frequently asked questions about your jurisdiction

Create modern marketing assets and infographics to tell your story

Creating your campaign hub

The centrepiece of your campaign will be a premium-quality magazine supplement. Our experienced in-house team will develop an editorial, design and amplification programme that’s tailored to your needs. Key milestones are outlined below.

Our campaign team at Think Publishing will organise a
brainstorming conference with all key stakeholders to develop themes, stories, audiences and contributors. At this stage, we will start to develop your content amplification strategy.

Working with you, Think will develop a 24-page magazine flatplan, agreeing content/contributor allocation and overall narrative structure: 16 pages of the magazine will be editorial (including the cover); and 8 pages will be dedicated to advertising. One of our journalists can be commissioned to research and write the lead feature, interviewing key stakeholders from the jurisdiction, if required.

Once all copy is assembled, Think’s team of specialist
designers and editors will review and edit the copy, source appropriate imagery and create a first set of layouts. Via an agreed single point of contact within the jurisdiction, all edited and designed pages will be sent to key stakeholders for feedback, which will then be assembled and implemented by Think.

Once all pages are approved, the supplement will be printed for insertion into the STEP Journal. Copies of your supplement will also be made available for marketing purposes, and can also be distributed at key STEP events.

Running alongside the editorial and design process, an agreed number of advertising pages will be made available to your key partners. You will be responsible for sourcing seven pages of advertising at the cost of £2,000 for covers, £1,500 for full pages and £860 for half pages.

Working with this approved core content, and in sync with the publication timelines, the content can then be amplified across a range of channels (see ‘Amplify your campaign’).

Magazine Supplement costs

The supplement sponsorship fee is £15,000+VAT, which can be split between sponsoring partners. Our commercial team will contact all advertisers on your agreed list to sell the remaining seven pages of advertising at a cost of £1,500+VAT per full page and £860+VAT per half page. The cover positions are also available for £2,000+VAT each.

STEP e-news digest

£1,000 per sponsored content piece on either the UK or international e-news digest linking back to the promoted article

Original Web-only content

Additional web-only content can be created and contributed across the year. An additional 4 to 6 articles would, therefore, create a 12-month content campaign, at one article per month. Cost dependent on size of campaign.

Social Media

Cost dependent on requirements

Digital Magazine

Free with print option, added cost for video content


One infographic is included with the print option – £3,000 for each additional infographic

Interactive Digital Hub

Stand-alone hubs can be built and hosted, providing you with a unique branded content hub to home all supplement content – £25,000 for a standard build


Cost dependent on requirements

Event + Video Packages

Cost dependent on requirements

Airport and hotel placement distribution

Cost dependent on requirements


Cost dependent on requirements

Step Homepage

£500 for your supplement to appear on the carousel on the STEP homepage for a week

Step Journal

£3,950 for a two-page lead-in article/interview the month before the STEP supplement is printed and released


£8,000 per webinar


Cost dependent on requirements

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